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NEWS : April 4th 2024

NOW IN THE WAREHOUSE : The Great Western in the Stroud Valley, Vol. 1 •• English Narrow Gauge Album Vol. 1
RECENT PUBLICATIONS : Archive Issue 121 •• Chester (Saltney Jcn) – Wrexham (Puleston Mill) and Branches •• Brendon Hills Iron Mines & the West Somerset Mineral Railway •• The Woodhead Line •• plus The Liveries of the Pre-Grouping Railways Volume One and The Liveries of the Pre-Grouping Railways Volume Two.
EXHIBITIONS (updated 1st December): Click for 2024 shows.
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OTHER PUBLISHERS : We now have extra copies of Caledonian Railway Miscellany (KRM). Still in stock Great Western Railway Structure Colours (GWSG)
A copy of our latest Winter 2023-24 catalogue is available here. Note this will open in a separate window as a .pdf file.
Our full book catalogue is seen below, railway titles are divided by region.