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Railway Archive Issue 23

Railway Archive Issue 23

80 pages. 275x215mm. .

ISSN 1477-5336 23


Contents: Swindon GWR Gas works by Justin Edwards, p. 3; The Frank Carrier Photograph Collection by David Postle/KRM, p. 25; The Hopwood Collection 1901-26, Part 5: The Cambrian Railways by Brian Arman, p. 35; Follow Up 1: The ‘Jellicoe Trains’. Admiralty Coal Traffic in the First World War by Edward Talbot, p. 41; Follow Up 2: GWR Motive Power and the ‘Jellicoe Trains’ by John Hodge & Richard Woodley, p. 55; Cardiff Newtown Goods Depot in the 1950s by Stan Vickery, p. 59; Wish You Were Here? Railway Postcards of Flintshire by John Alsop, p. 73

Railway Archive Issue 23 - Sample Images

cover illustration
From 'Cardiff Newtown Goods Depot in the 1950s' : A view westwards on No’s 12 and 13 Roads in October 1954, with two lines of vans having recently completed off-loading. This was Christmas build up traffic (the season always began about three months beforehand), which was waiting space in the cartage areas for loading to delivery vehicles. Note that none of the internal sidings ran right through the depot; they all terminated in the centre, so wagons were shunted in and out from both ends. Perhaps the most striking thing, apparent also from some of the other photographs, is the sheer variety of goods to be seen in just this one small area – a graphic illustration of the railway’s ‘common carrier’ status.