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Railway Archive Issue 18

Railway Archive Issue 18

80 pages. 275x215mm. .

ISSN 1477-5336 18


Contents: The Jersey Eastern Railway by Stanley C. Jenkins M.A., p. 3; The H.L. Hopwood Collection 1901-1926: Part 1: A Great Northern Selection by the Reverend Canon Brian Arman, p. 31; The Southern Railway of the 1930s from the Camera of S.A.W. Harvey: Holiday Trains to Ramsgate by Jim Greaves, p. 39; The Railway Photographs of E. Pouteau: Part 18: The North British Railway by John Alsop, p. 51; Clement E. Stretton: Railway Historian? by Harry Jack, p. 67; Wish You Were Here? Railway Postcards of Norfolk by John Alsop, p. 71

Railway Archive Issue 18 - Sample Images

cover illustration
From 'The Jersey Eastern Railway': This lovely posed turn of the century photograph shows Calvados and a train of 4-wheeled carriages on the access siding to Green Street depot, between the main running line on the right and the rather ornate brick-built two-road engine shed, of which we get a glimpse on the left. The view featured in the Locomotive Publishing Company lists and was almost certainly taken on the same date as the photographs of Calvados on pages 8-9. However, this time we see the locomotive crew aboard their trusty steed, whom Peter Paye identifies in his book as driver Matt Poindestre, on this side, and fireman Peter Baker leaning out on the far side. Green Street depot foreman H. Wakley stands in the doorway of the guard’s compartment. The coaching stock is in the JER varnished teak livery and the highly decorative lining to the cab end of Calvados shows up well here. The nearest coach is the ex-Jersey Railway Brake Composite also shown in the picture on page 9, followed by an ordinary Second, a Saloon Composite, an ex-JR Composite and a Brake Second. There were no signal boxes on the system, so all points were operated by hand levers alongside. Neil Parkhouse Collection