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Railway Archive Issue 4

Railway Archive Issue 4

96 pages. 275x215mm. .

ISSN 1477-5336 04


Contents: The Civil Engineering of the Chapeltown Branch by Bob Essery, p. 3; The Railway Photographs of E. Pouteau: Part 4: The Great Eastern Railway by John Alsop, p. 45; The Roberts Collection: Part 2: A South Eastern Railway Selection by Phil Coutanche, p. 57; A Mystery Accident, p. 70; The American 0-8-0s of the Port Talbot Railway by Robin Simmonds, p. 71; Wish You Were Here? Railway Postcards of Leicestershire by Andrew Swift, p. 89

Railway Archive Issue 4 - Sample Images

sample book illustration
From 'The Roberts Collection Pt 2: A South Eastern Railway Selection – (RA4): This photograph is thought to have been taken at Eltham, soon to be renamed Mottingham. These are the carriages of the ‘Club Trains’, run by the SER and LC&DR between London and Dover. The trains ran until the end of 1893, so the pictures must have been taken soon after this date. The carriages were hired from the Wagon-Lits Company and shipped over from the continent. Each train comprised two First Class Saloons and a Fourgon (Baggage-Brake), running in competition with each other! Needless to say, both ran at a loss so the service was discontinued and the trains were stored at Eltham pending their return to France. One of the Fourgons was later used on the Ostend-Vienna express. These are the only good photographs of these carriages known to me, with the exception of another of Roberts’ pictures, which shows a small part of a Fourgon behind a Class ‘F’ just arriving at Dover. Phil Coutanche Collection