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Railway Archive Issue 17

Railway Archive Issue 17

96 pages. 275x215mm. .

ISSN 1477-5336 17


Contents: The Railway in the Landscape, p. 2; The Strabathie Light Railway by A. Gordon Pirie, p. 5; ‘Our Carriages’: The story of the M&GNJt Rly’s own carriages by Nigel Digby, p. 25; The Bristol & Exeter Railway versus the GWR 1841-9, p. 35; The ‘Bear’ At Bath by The Rev’d Canon Brian Arman, p. 39; Ramsgate Town 1913 by Jim Greaves, p. 45; The Railway Photographs of E. Pouteau: Part 17: The Midland Railway Part 2 by John Alsop, p. 51; The Loss of Colchester and Other Tales: GER Ships in WW1 by A.J. Mullay, p. 71; Wish You Were Here? Railway Postcards of North Somerset by Neil Parkhouse, p. 83

Railway Archive Issue 17 - Sample Images

cover illustration
From 'The 'Bear' at Bath': Here No. 111 stands on the middle road at Bath, waiting for the All Clear before moving across to the Up platform with the local stopping train which formed the load for this particular trial. The leading step is clearly visible, just in front of the cylinder. This was removed before the engine entered full service at the end of 1909. Notice also the smokebox damper. Unlike the ‘Star’ Class locomotives which were being produced at the same time as the ‘Bear’, No. 111 was superheated from the beginning which, in the view of this writer, gives weight to the suggestion that the reason behind the construction of The Great Bear was more serious than a simple publicity stunt. Incidentally, it should be pointed out that the original prints are not in top condition and much work has been undertaken in cleaning up the scans and generally getting the best out of them for publication, without in any way interfering with their historical integrity.