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The Hull & Barnsley Railway Vol 2

The Hull & Barnsley Railway Vol 2
Expansion, Pride, Prosperity, Eclipse

Nick Deacon

328 pages. 275x215mm. Printed on gloss art paper with colour laminated board covers.

ISBN13 : 9781911038801


In this second volume the narrative of the H&BR picks up from around the turn of the 20th century, describing the principal aspects which contributed towards the upturn in the company’s fortunes during the Edwardian years and the short period until the outbreak of the Great War. Emphasis is given to the company’s prime infrastructure assets, the three major additions to its route mileage and the joint enterprise formed with the North Eastern Railway leading to the construction of Hull’s King George Dock. The period of the Great War and its immediate sequel, leading up to the amalgamation with the NER and the Grouping are then described. The story of the long period of decline and closure through the ensuing decades is told before being brought finally into the 21st century.

The Hull & Barnsley Railway Vol 2 - Sample Images

sample book illustration
Inside Springhead Works. An assortment of ex-H&BR engines, including Classes ‘J23’, ‘J28’, ‘Q1’, ‘N11’ and ‘N12’, are in for a variety of jobs, while odd man out on the near left is Class ‘D22’ 4-4-0 No. 115 of NER 1887 vintage. Note the drive shaft for the belt-driven machinery on the far left.
sample book illustration
On 28th March 1959 Neville Stead and Peter Harrod travelled with one of the last Hull to Carlton pick-up goods. At Drax Abbey, Neville Stead photographed Springhead’s ‘Austerity’ No. 90704 shunting in the sidings which, unusually, were situated opposite the station frontage on the other side of the approach road. Vans forming the rest of the train can be seen beyond the platform on the main line. Neville Stead