Newbridge Engine

1841  Thomas Hopkins of Chatham, in the county of Kent, as to two equal undivided eighth parts or shares; Francis Bishop, of Little Dean, as to one equal undivided eighth part; Joseph Bennett and Joseph Webb, as assignees of William Bishop, an insolvent debtor, to two equal eighth parts; James Powell and Harriett Powell, both of Lydney, the representatives of Thomas Powell, deceased, as to one eighth part; and Alfred Ceal and John Coleman (as assignees of Thomas Atkinson, a bankrupt) to one eighth part; and Henry Nichols, of Coleford, gentleman, one eighth part.

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c1847  H. Nichols


23 April 1849  Re-galed to Richard James of Coleford.

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8 July 1845  In the year 1833 Wm. Bishop, Henry Bishop, Charles Meek and George Meek were joint proprietors of Newbridge Engine Colliery, about the month of April they sold an 8th. share each to Henry Nichols and Thomas Atkinson and on the 31 July 1834 I purchased an 8th share upon a Royalty upon the coal raised, and in 1835 instead of receiving any tonnages I found the affairs of the colliery in an embarressed state.  Claims to the extent of £1,700.  I (Hopkins) had invested £1,000.
In August 1836 the colliery was awarded to me on payment of all liabilities - £5,670 18s. 7d.  Colliery valued at £4,290 0s.0d.  At length agreed to sell to Mr. Protheroe for £3,500.  This however did not go through.  Mr. Joseph Bennett to possession and allowed colliery to fill with water and in 1842 Henry Nichols went with about 20 men and nine waggons and broke up a tram road a mile in length which cost £700.  He took away the tramplates to Coleford and sold them.  I then filed a Bill in Chancery for an injunction to stop him taking away the two engines.   Thomas Hokins.  Chatham.

Eventually forfeited with aid from Crown.

23 April 1849  Re-galed to Richard James and assigned to Thomas Hopkins.

4 September 1856  Conveyed to his son Joseph.

8 October 1856  Conveyed back, Hopkins had been ill and feared the worst!

16 August 1858  I beg leave to address you on the subject of a tramroad belonging to the colliery.  One mile in length, laid down at a cost of £700 - plates removed in a clandestine manner.  I worked the colliery 18 months in 1836/37 since when it became silent and filled with water...... In the month of June I found that the trustees of the late Sir John Guest had laid down plates on a part to bring down iron mine to the locomotive line of railroad.   Hopkins.
Tramroad from Westbury Brook to Broad Gauge at Whimsey Pit.  In 1834 a license was granted to William Bishop and Henry Bishop for a tramway from Newbridge Pit to the Bullo Pill Railway for 31 years from Michaelmas 1833.
£700 to lay down including £305 2s. 6d. to the late Mr. Hewlett for tramplates.

14 September 1859  Richard White lately purchased Newbridge Engine from Thomas Hopkins - already commenced work to re-open.  Applying for a license for a tramway.  Alraedy formed by the Newbridge Engine Co.
A license has lately been granted to Mr. Woodhouse for a portion of the road on which he had relaid the plates for the use of the Pluckpenny Colliery such portion extending from the last named colliery to where the tram road formed a junction with the Westbury Brook Branch the property of the late Sir John Guest.

8 October 1859  Messrs. Brain tenants of Mr. Woodhouse.

5 September 1860  Desirous of sinking a new pit at Nailbridge.  Applying for land and a tramroad at Gorbrook.

21 January 1861  Engine erected at Gorbrook to work eastern part of gale plus part of Speedwell Level.

Midsummer 1861  Arrears of rent stand against Rd. White, Nail Bridge.

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1 March 1864  White in Chancery.

15 August 1864  Captain Bar....? owner of greater part.

8 April 1871  Sole owners Chas. E. ward, Bristol; representatives of late partner Mr. Pattrick being only trustees.  Colliery not worked for some years and full of water.

3 August 1871  Draft agreement with Messrs. Ward, Knight, Holder and George Henry Saint Pattrick.

The immediate acquisition of all the estate, right, title, and interest of John Anstie in or to the estate known as Newbridge Engine Colliery.
Incorporated 4 August 1875.
Subscribers all from London.
Agreement dated 28 July 1875 Anstie and Archibald Douglas.  On the 27 July Anstie had entered into an agreement to lease the colliery.
Capital £10,000 in 1,000 £10 shares.  200 shares to subscribers.
No returns, company dissolved.

The immediate acquisition of all the estate and interest of Cahrles Phillips of Newbridge Colliery together with all plant etc.
Capital £5,000 in 1,000 £5 shares.
Subscribers: Sidney Alfred Smith, ironmonger, Ross
 William Price, clerk, Ross
 George Coulthardt, Civil engineer, Ross
 Richard Bradstock
 William ...
 Richard Powle
 Frederick Wintle.
Incorporated 11 January 1876
First directors: S.B. Noble, Charles Phillips and G.C. Coulthardt.

Agreement dated 1 February 1876 between Charles Phillips of 115 Cannon St. London and the Company.
Interests of vendor recently acquired from John Anstis of and in a certain agreement for a lease of 21 years dated 27 July 1875 of the colliery known as Newbridge Engine and plant and being thereon an agreement made between Emily Margaret Clarke Ward and William Clarke Welsford and Robert Hodgson on the one part and the said John Anstis.
Price to be paid £4,000 as to £1,500 in cash and the balence, £2,500, by allotment of 500 fully paid up shares.
Registered office at the Mitcheldean Colliery, Nailbridge.

12 December 1876  The Mitcheldean Colliery Co. Ltd.  George Coulthard managing director.
Barrier with Small Profit to be moved.

30 November 1877  Capital increased by 1,200 new £5 preference shares.

23 September 1878  For the purpose of paying off certain pressing claims issueing of £6,000 of First Mortgage debentures at £20 each.

7 November 1882  J. Chivers registered owner of New Bridge Engine and Small Profit Collieries.  Hawkwell Collieries.

30 May 1884  not worked since June 1879.

24 March 1885  No returns of Mitcheldean Colliery Co.  Still in business?  Dissolved October 1885.

25 June 1885  Preparing to win coal through Small Profit.

2 September 1898  Granted to John Wilce.

16 July 1906  Was worked by the New Bowson Co. under an agreement with Wilce - got what coal they could and then gave the gale back.

3 August 1906  Coal for most part worked out.

8 August 1906  In hands of Mr. Wyatt - had aquired gale and was forming a company to work it and another gale and to build a railway 'and do other wonderful things'.

26 March 1907  Burdess had acquired part of Prosper on harrow Hill, rest with Misses Langham.

6 June 1918  Application to work barriers between Newbridge Engine No.2 and Speedwell Newbridge gales.
Registered owners of  Newbridge:  Thomas Burdess
 Speedwell:  Diana Langham and Mrs. Browning.
 Lessee Albert Jones, Harrow Hill Colliery Co.

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3 July 1945  Newbridge Engine No.4  Conveyance J.W. Fox, H.R. Corin, F.G. Bowkett & W.R. Ellsmore to Ronald George Meek.