Newman Shropshire


1886 Forfeited for non-working

21 June 1913  Meeting at the Feathers Inn, Coleford, to consider an offer made for the gale.  Alfred Gwilliam, Berry Hill, chairman

22 September 1913  To take out grant  [DFM 29 August 1913]
Conveyance Charles Jenkins and others to Mesdames stabbins and Wykes.

27 June 1914  Galees intend to work it through Pluckpenny Rockey No. 4

13 January 1930  Messrs. J. E. C. Parritt and F. H. A. Bell registered owners of New Pluckpenny No. 3, Engine Ditch No. 4, Four Brothers No. 2, Champion No. 2, Smart Delf No. 2.
With regard to Newmanshropshire No. 2 rent of which has hitherto been paid by the Moseley Green United Collieries Ltd. it is understood Mr. Parritt paid a deposit on the purchase of this gale and agreed to pay the rent although sale has not yet been completed.
Registered owners of the gale Mrs. M. A. Wykes and Mrs. C. M. Stabbins c/o Mr. T. J. Wykes of Blakeney.

26 April 1930  Letter from T. J. Wykes - Parritt promised to pay £5 rent.  Plant and materials at pit, could Crown distrain?

6 June 1930  Mrs. Wykes deceased executors:- husband Mr. T. J. Wykes and son Herbert Wykes.

22 September 1931  To be surrendered.  Gale last worked in 1926.  706 applications for re-grant.

7 April 1934  Meeting for re-grant.