Never Fear

1 October 1875  to Edward Ambrey, of Joyford, to get coal from the Coleford High Delf - bounded by Arles Level, Lonk Level and Patches Colliery and Society Colliery.
Then to John Parry and forfeited.

F3 830  NEVER FEAR No. 2.
1 August 1900  Timothy Evans, Berry Hill applying for grant.

17 September 1900  Granted

14 January 1901  One moiety transferred to William Hawkins

September 1902  Owners Timothy Evans and William Hawkins.  Into old workings - costly for timber, opened one pit and three levels, spent 'quite £250'.

February 1905  One share to George Adams

1908 Potts Mining Register  Evans, Timothy & Hawkins, Christ Church.
Three employed below ground and two above.

17 October 1908  Conveyance one-third Timothy Evans to James Adams.  George Edward Adams mentioned as a registered owner.

5 February 1912  Hawkins and Adams.  Driven a new level in last twelve months - found old workings in all directions.

1925  Surrendered

1950  Re-grant to S. J. & A. Hawkins.

1955  Sold to Barnes who owned the surface - still holds gale.