1 March 1841  Mr. James Bennett
 Sinking by a high pressure engine 15" cylinder.  Down 56 yards.

1841  Thomas Bennett eleven twentieths, James Bennett nine  twentieths
Since passing of Act Thomas bought all shares and became sole owner.

F3 286  T. Bennett.  Outputs:
 1841 1290 tons 1844 2750 tons
 1842 1819 1845 6388
 1843 2568 1846 5418
14 August 1869 Gloucester Journal   Cinderford.  On Wednesday an accident which ended in almost istantaneous death, occured to a man named James Brain.  The deceased was engaged in greasing some trucks which were standing at the Nelson Colliery ready to be sent off and to which one of the Great Western engines was attached.  In consequence of negligence, or otherwise, some extraordinary misapprehension on the part of Brain, he attempted to continue greasing the wheels after he was aware the engine had been put in motion.  He was immediately knocked down and received such fearful wounds and other bodily injuries.

4 January 1881  Nelson gale now belongs to Bilson & Crump Meadow Collieries Co. Ltd..  Practically of no value except as a pumping station.

F3 679
15 December 1887  Lease of land in conjunction expiring 25 inst.

25 January 1888  Gale of no value only held to protect Crump Meadow.

8 September 1929  Giving up gale.

Regrant of gale to include Twenty Inch seam.  Sold for £50.  Lydney & Crump Meadow had extensively worked it plus Lowery, Starkey, Rockey and Churchway High Delf.  Brazilly never worked.  Proposed grant of Twenty Inch to be worked through Meadow Cliff.
Committee Messrs. Arthur Brown, James Brown, Frederick Jones, William Price.

16 October 1930  Endeavouring to assist the owner of New Roberts Folly No.4 gale who had lost £2,000 in trying to work a practically worked out gale.  Mr. E.M. Tremain of Leonard Stanley believed he could recoup losses if he could work Nelson.
Granted, then surrendered and re-granted as two gales.