Nash's Folly

17 February 1846  to Richard Nash, of the Futtrell, near Dark Hill, situate at the Futtrell, opposite Birch Hill Folly Level, to get coal from the Trenchard veins.

Whereas a gale was granted to William Blanch of the Fetterhill.

 9 April 1891  Forfeited

17 April 1891 Charles Jenkins application for re-grant.

12 February 1924  Charles Jenkins, Wood View, Scowles Road, Coleford applying for a re-grant.  Meeting to be called at the Speech House.

8 March 1924 Meeting held, committee formed Amos Morgan chairman.

13 May 1924  Granted

26 May 1924  Conveyance A. Morgan and others to Frank Jeffries, 26 Nicholas St., Bristol.  To work the Trenchard vein at the Futterhill between Success Level and Upper Success Level.
3 October 1929  No work done

2 November 1929  Mr. Thomas Teague, Barrowell Lane, St. Briavels

28 February 1941  An arrangement between the Starkey Colliery Co. Ltd. and Teague.  Company will pay part of purchase price when they are drawing 10 tons a day and the balance when they are drawing 20 tons.
Up to the present however they have been working in the Success gale with a view of getting into the New Nash's Folly gale and it is uncertain as to when they will start drawing coal from the New Nash's Folly gale and as the occupied surface land is on Success gale they are in communication with Mr. G. H. Jones the registered owner of this gale.

16 May 1941  Starkey Colliery Co. had ceased working.

16 June 1941  Miss Mabel Teague and her brother going to work gale.  Pit to be worked on the Success gale.  Mr. Tom Teague has a lease from G. H. Jones.
9 January 1942  Not worked for five years.

23 May 1942  Transferred to Mabel Teague 28 February last.  Purchased from her brother.  Some plant belonging to Miss Teague standing at a pit on Success Level.  Plant to be distrained.