Morgan's Folly

7 February 1843 to Thomas Morgan of Arthurís Folly near Parkend for a pit situate on Moseley Green about 90 yards north of Cockshot Inclosure and about 65 yards east of the Parkend - Blakeney turnpike road, to get the coal from the Coleford High Delf, Yorkley and Whittington veins.

27 June 1843 to Thomas Morgan, for a pit situate on Moseley Green about 250 yards on the deep side of the gale called Morganís Folly No. 1 to get coal from the Coleford High Delf and all unalloted veins between it and the Oaken Hill Delf.

11 March 1847 in equal parts to Samuel and Thomas Morgan, of the Folly, for a pit situate on Moseley Green, to get coal from the Coleford High Delf and all the unalloted veins above the same and below the Churchway High Delf or Oaken Hill Delf veins.  On the land side of the deep workings of Morganís Folly No. 2.

F3 958

F3 291
June 1859 Morganís Folly No. 3, Samuel Morgan proprietor.

Midsummer 1861  Arrears of rent for Morganís Folly No. 3 stand against Saml. and Thos. Morgan, Whitecroft.

F3 189
27 May 1895  Messrs. Bruton, Knowles & Co. will offer the Moseley Green Collieries and the plant etc. in one lot on Wednesday next.  If the colliery not sold the auctioneers will offer machinery.
Connected to Severn & Wye by a siding.
Three gales in deep and three overlying viz. Moseley Green New Engine Colliery, Morganís Folly No. 1 Colliery, Morganís Folly No. 2 Colliery, Morganís Folly No. 3 Colliery, Moseley Green New Engine No.2 Colliery, and Two Brothers Colliery.
Total area of coal 1,700 acres, average thickness exceeding 3í 2î.  7,000,000 tons.
With the winding engines, two shafts, boilers, pumps, railway siding, foremanís house, workshops etc.
Wednesday May 29th 1895.
Sold to Shepherd and Johnson for £460.

See Moseley Green New Engine below.