17 December 1844  Granted to John Ellway of Pillowell, for a pit situated at Middle Ridge, and near Stapledge Inclosure to get coal from the Coleford High Delf and all unalloted veins of coal under the Churchway High Delf.

F3 165
19 June 1866  Revd. John Wylde is owner under a foreclosure order in respect of a mortgage security for the sum of £8,000 advanced in 1851.
Also held Quidchurch Colliery - exhausted and the Extension Colliery which like Emperor was not yet opened.

1874 E. Carelton Holmes.

29 November 1892  Date of forfeiture but at last minute R.C. Banks, owner of Wallsend and Findall Mine Level had agreed to buy Emperor and Extension.
Warmers (sic) pit on Findall Mine Level and above level of the old landing place.
Reginald C. Banks of Lydney.
However, could not raise the necessary finance and the gale was forfeit on 17 August 1893.