Elton's Delight

7 February 1843  A gale in equal parts to William Elton and John Meredith, both of Littledean, Woodside, for a pit situate at Upper Bilson, about 20 yards north of William Elton’s house and about 70 yards from the Tormentor land pit to get coal from the Starkey vein.

F3 1512
20 December 1858  Paragon and Elton’s Delight Collieries.  Mortgage Mr. John Peacock to Gloucestershire Banking Co. upon these collieries.  Mortgage now going to be paid off.  Mr. Smith.
The £1,200 was advanced to Mr. Peacock more than a month before the execution of the dead.

26 September 1860  Peter Constance wished to build a weigh bridge house and other buildings.

4 October 1860  Mr. Peter Constance applying for land in connection with Elton’s Delight.  Not the registered owner.

21 June 1864  Cornelius Walding asking for a reduction of dead rent.

8 June 1866  Agreement with Constance re Elton’s Delight.

22 July 1866  Cornelius Walding applying to keep reduced dead rent.

20 October 1880  Blaisdon Hall.  Edwin Crawshay had received notice of forfeiture.
A pit is sunk, Starkey coal 17 inches thick.  Paragon Pits of the Littledean Woodside Coal Co..

22 October 1880  Forfeited, no proof of working.

25 March 1922  Mystery and Elton’s Delight gales.  J.W. Morse wishing re-grant  Amos Morgan in conjunction.

26 September 1922  To be granted.

21 November 1924  Conveyance to Wigpool Coal & Iron Co. Ltd.  Captain Pringle also had New Deans Meend, Drybrook Trenchard, Newbridge Engine No. 2.
1927  Also had True Blue & Newham Bottom Colliery (below).