17 December 1844  Granted to John Ellsmore, of Bream Tufts for a pit at Drybrook to get coal from Coleford High Delf and all unalloted veins above and below.

F3 91
17 December 1868  Mr. George Reed of Burnham, Somerset:  Collingwood and Ellsmore Colliery.

29 February 1860  John Peacock mortgagee.  Property bought for a little under £10,000.

11 September 1935  Representatives of T. Peglar to M. Hoare.

12 September 1935  5/6 M. Hoare to T.S. Thomas.

12 September 1935  Thomas to Bounds and Marshall.

1941  Part of Ellsmores (1/6) to T.S. Thomas & Sons (Lydney) Ltd..  Remainder from Bounds and Marshall to Mapleford Collieries Ltd.

10 December 1943  T.S. Thomas & Sons to William Wyndham Green.
(see also Lass of the Mill No. 2 and Shute Castle)

1954  Ellsmore’s No.2 Mapleford Collieries Ltd.
 Manor House Collieries Ltd., Manor House Chambers,
 Bank Square, Chepstow.