27 June 1843  Granted in equal parts to Thomas Smith, John Stonehan, and James Morgan, all of Poolgreen near Coleford for a level situate on the north-east side of Porter’s patch at Gorsty Knoll, close to the west side of the turnpike road from Coleford to Parkend to get the coal from the Coleford High Delf vein.

F3 286
c1847  Smith, Stoneham & Morgan.  Output 1846; 328 tons.

F3 214  EDENWALL No. 2
1858  Mr. Henry Burgess.

10 January 1866  Messrs. Wanklyn & Grindell.  Philip Endell Wanklyn of Dixton, Monmouth and James Grindell, Coleford.

30 June 1873  To give up colliery, however, by 4th June other arrangements made.

2 September 1882  John Smith working colliery ‘at a very great loss and without as yet getting any return’.  Had been clearing up old workings for the last six months.

1894  Output 1,572 tons.  Smith Bros. (also Winnell and Gentlemen Colliers below)

23 July 1909  Conveyance Milsom Smith to Milsom Smith the younger, John Smith the younger, Amos Smith, John Smith and Hubert Smith, together with Gentlemen Colliers.

27 June 1915  To surrender.

F3 215
23 December 1919  Applicatio for re-grant Amos Morgan and others.

23 April 1920  Conveyance Amos Morgan and others to Herbert Smith, Hubert Victor Smith, Thomas Brown and John Smith.

28 February 1925  Conveyed 2/3 of gale to Caleb John Miles.

6 March 1925  John Smith conveyed his 1/4 of 1/3 to the others.

11 October 1934  Smith Bros., Reddinghorn Colliery, Hillersland to surrender 22 October.  692 applications for re-grant.

16 March 1939  Mr. Miles holds gale as he does not want his farm disturbed.

6 June 1944  New Edenwall granted to W. Powles

10 June 1944  Portion re-granted to James Fox and Henry Corin of Broadwell and Fred Bowkett of Cinderford and Lewis Wilce of Ruardean Woodside.

28 November 1944  Transferred from W. Powles to E.M.V. Green.