Drybrook Folly

1841  to John Constant, 1 equal, undivided half share; James James of Bromley Inclosure Lodge (as Free Miners) as to 1 undivided 4th part; and to John Smith of Bream as to 1 undivided 4th part.
Coal in the Whittington, or Yard Delf, vein - present level.

F3 286
c1847  J. Constant.  Not opened.

F3 627
28 May 1897  Application for re-grant from William Brown of Coleford.

14 June 1897  Granted.  Situate at Drybrook Bottom.  Worked by a level to the Whittington.

9 August 1898  Transfer from Wm. Brown to Jeremiah Lewis Jenkins and John Wm. Jordan

26 December 1899  Purchased by J. Jenkins and J. Jordan at the time of the grant for £60.  They sank a trial pit about 20 yards but struck the old mine workings, drove a road down the pitching for 30 yards but found no coal.  They then commenced a slope near the outcrop of the coal and went down 74 yards, 40 of which were hard rock.  The following section of seam was given:-
 Roof Clod
 Coal  2
 Stone  1
 Coal  5
 Dirt  3
 Coal  4
 Slatter?  1
 Coal  3
 Dirt  1
 Coal  5
 Coal  2
 Holing  2
 Floor hard fireclay

In November 1899 raised 49 tons.  Had spent more than £3000.
Dead rent reduced.

30 April 1901  30 tons raised during March, 5 tons during April.  Wanting to know date for surrender.

15 July 1905  Held on a seven year lease at £52 per year by A. W. Latham, lease dated 8 July 1901.

1 July 1909  Conveyance to Latham.

5 July 1909  Leased to W. E. Hoare and O. J. Hancock.

16 July 1909  Mortgage Latham to G. Okell.

1 December 1916 Dean Forest Mercury  ‘Mr. Pardow a Walsall leather merchant who has become well known in West Dean “chiefly on account of his marriage with a local young lady” has purchased Drybrook Folly, Clements End Green, the property of Messrs. Kear, Hoare and Jenkins.

22 October 1920  Proposed tramway from level to Coleford - Bream road by Thomas Peglar.  Proved un-necessary as the level was unsatisfactory and was abandoned.
Peglar lessee from Latham.

21 July 1927  Messrs. Nash & Sons applying for land in connection with gale.

10 February 1928  Messrs. Nash given up and Mr. Baden F. Watkins has started work.

1931  Watkins registered owner.

14 June 1934  Messrs. W. H. & F. S. Collins to surrender.  Mr. Okell of Messrs. Collins who were the executors of Latham.

F3 628
11 August 1937  Regrant.  Conveyed to M. Hoare.

9 December 1937  Conveyance to T. S. Thomas.

1944  Registered owner J. S. Nash, held in connection with New Bromley Hill (above).

1954  W. C. Beard, Gorsty Knoll.