Ditch Pit

7 February 1843  Granted to William Tingle, of Littledean Woodside for a pit about halfway between the Teazeall and Paragon Pits on Bilson Green, to get the coal from the Twenty Inches vein.

Midsummer 1861  Arrears of rent against Thos. & Cornelius Brain, Drybrook.

27 May 1865  Sale by Auction.  Drybrook I.M.; Penswell I.M.; Symonds Rock I.M.; Full Moon Colliery; Twenty Inches Colliery; Setting Sun Colliery; New Mill Engine Colliery; Churchway No. 2 Colliery; Roberts Folly Colliery; Regulator No. 4 Colliery; Tormentor or Teazall Colliery (Peter Constance had part); True Blue Colliery; New Leather Pit Colliery; Ditch Pit Colliery.