Dick's Ready Penny

1841 Richard Whitson, a Free Miner, did, after 9 April 1832 make application for the gale but which was not granted and that James Tingle of Little Dean Woodside, Richard Whitson of Littledean and Thomas Beddis of Little Dean Woodside (as claiming through or under Richard Whitson) in equal 3rd. shares, acted as if it had been granted.
Coal in the Starkey vein - present pit (1841)
Surrendered by 1841.

F3 286
c1847  Dick’s Ready Penny.  Cornelius Walding.  Outputs:
 1842 176 tons
 1843 120 tons

F3 606
24 June 1890  Grant to James Short, Church Road, Cinderford.
Gale at Upper Bilson surrounded by houses and gardens, nowhere to sink a pit.  Wishing to use Isaac Parsons old Invention Pit (now held by Jenkins & Parsons).  Parsons stated that he wanted to use it as an air shaft but he was using Fancy Colliery Pit for this reason (below).

7 December 1892  Luke Dobbs inquiring about surface damage liability.

1893  Surrendered, although some dispute over this.