17 DECEMBER 1844  Granted to Charles Matthews jnr. of Littledean Woodside, for a pit situated at a place called Upper Bilson, on the site of the Tormentor Land Pit to get coal from the Breadless vein.  To be called ‘Breadless Colliery’

16 September 1867  Forfeited.

10 December 1875  Regaled as New Breadless to Milsom Powell of Berry Hill and John Johnson of Cinderford.

F3 590  BREADLESS No.2
8 October 1889  Application for regrant from Moses Meek of the Morse.

1 January 1890  Granted.

1 January 1897  Surrendered by Harry Jenkins, J. H. Saunders, William Thomas.  Trustees of late Isaac Parsons.