Fox's Trenchard

F3 1175
31 January 1910  Application for grant to Henry Fox

23 May 1910  Granted, intended to work by means of a pit

3 June 1910  Henry Fox to Amos Wm. Brown

March 1919  Not worked
Fox’s Trenchard, New Stoney Stile & Smith’s Trenchard to be opened by means of cross measures from Valletts Deep

January 1925  Not worked

October 1929  Not worked

29 October 1929  Amos Brown working Mansfield Trenchard on the lower side of Fox’s Trenchard, also agreed to purchase Slopes Gale
Intended to be worked from Mansfield’s:- Potlid, Valletts Level, Smith’s Trenchard, Mansfield Trenchard, Stoney Stile, The Slopes Trenchard, Fox’s Trenchard & Trenchard No. 2.

R.W. Brown and J.J. Joynes Trustees under the will of A.W. Brown deceased.  Net income bequethed to Mrs. Brown and on her decease gale devised to R.W. Brown.

F3 309
Amos Brown deceased by 31 December 1932, had Fox’s Trenchard, New Potlid, Valletts Level No.2, Trenchard No.2, Smith’s Trenchard, New Stoney Stile, Mansfields Trenchard, New Hawkins No.2 and Slopes Trenchard.

28 July 1933  Auction at Angel Hotel, Coleford.
Fox’s Trenchard not sold.
Fox’s Trenchard, Berry Hill, 112 acres.

31 May 1934  To be surrendered