Church Hill (2)

1745  Church Hill in Parkend.

17 December 1844  Granted to Henry Beach of Moseley Green and Charles Thomas of Whitecroft for a pit situate at Parkend on the south-east side of the brook which crosses the Furnace Ditch near Brookall Ditches to command any unallotted pillars of the Rockey vein left between the north boundary of Standfast and Royal Engine and the south boundary of Oaken Level Collieries.

Surrendered by 1869.

F3 984
11 June 1906  Granted to George Albert Morgan.

13 May 1929  Oaken and Churchway Syndicate Ltd., High St., Newnham conveyed to Amos Brown.
Conveyance of Oaken & Churchway No.2 and Church Hill No.2 for £150.

28 May 1929 Conveyance Amos Brown to John Henry Elsmore, Wm. Rueben John Nash, and James Oliver Elsmore to purchase as joint tenants for £237.

January 1945  Registered joint owners John Henry and James Oliver Elsmore.